MST – State-of-the-Art Solar Energy Systems


MST is a leading Solar Energy Company that develops highly efficient Solar Energy Systems to generate electricity. The Company addresses the needs of the Global Clean Energy Market by introducing advanced technology to convert solar energy into electricity at an affordable price. Our Mission is “To revolutionize energy by providing large scale cost competitive solar power plants”.

MST's R&D and production facilities   occupy   2,100   sqm.  (22,500sqft.)

and  are  located  in one  of  Israel’s  most      prominent     High      Tech

Development  Centers, The Rehovot Science Park.  

MST's    staff    of   25   professionals,  including  Physicists,  Optical

Experts  as  well  as  Electrical,  Mechanical   and   Multi-Disciplinary Engineers are involved in all aspects of System Engineering.

The  founder  and  visionary  behind  this  project is Mr. Dov Raviv, the

"father"   of   the   Satellite  Launcher, Shavit and Israel's Anti-Tactical

Ballistic Missiles (ATBM), The Arrow Missile.




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